Austin Immediate Care

5000 West Slaughter Lane, Austin, TX 78749

We purchased a cold, dark shell in early 2009, located within a retail plaza at the very busy intersection of MoPac (a major north-south corridor) and West Slaughter Lane. We designed and opened a 7,400 SF urgent care center and leased space for a 3,000 SF dental practice. The facility was opened in August 2009.

The Facts

  • New build, 2009
  • Multi-tenant medical facility
  • 10,400 SF
    • 7,400 SF urgent care (uc)
    • 3,000 SF dental practice
  • 9 uc exam rooms
  • 2 uc procedure rooms
  • 4 uc office units
  • No basement
  • Unique features
    • CT scan room with lead-lined walls and reinforced floor